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TSR Manager Spotlight: Mira Guha

In honor of our new Spring fitness plans, today’s TSR Manager Spotlight is: Mira Guha from fitness! Mira is essential to making sure our fitness program is up and running smoothly, and she’s one of our talented, passionate instructors! Here what she had to say about TSR’s fitness division.

What do you like about your division of TSR?

“I love that TSR Fitness gives instructors here the ability to lift up fellow students in a healthy and empowering way through the fitness classes they teach. Each of our instructors is really passionate about the classes they teach and really enjoy leading classes. The time we spend in the Hill Hall aerobics room working out with students is a wonderful time in our week when we can put aside schoolwork and really focus on feeling good about ourselves, and hopefully make those in our classes feel the same way!”

Why is it a great deal for Tufts students?

“There are some really great deals through TSR. The drop-in price for a class is only $5, which is really a fantastic deal anywhere. You can also purchase the 5-punch pass for $20, which brings the price of each class to $4. If you don’t know how free you’ll be to attend classes and don’t want to commit to an unlimited pass I think these are two great options.”

What is your favorite thing about your job?

“I love teaching classes. I got certified as a group fitness instructor as soon as I could at 18 and started teaching here my freshman year. I really feel most like myself when I’m in front of class being slightly silly but also really challenging and supporting people during a fitness class. It’s also so wonderful to make relationships with people who come to classes and watch them improve and grow stronger over time. It’s really an incredible feeling.”

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