17 Chetwynd Road, Somerville MA
(617) 627-3224

The Rez

Tufts Student Resources provides Jumbos with one of their favorite spots on campus, The Rez. Located in the Mayer Campus Center, the heart of Tufts’ campus, The Rez is an entirely student-run café serving coffee, specialty espresso drinks, and breakfast foods. The Rez is a perfect spot to grab a drink, set up a study session, or have a coffee date with friends. It is a hub for campus activity, and always promises great food, drinks, and music! The café is also used for social events like coffee houses and open-mic nights. Tufts students can even apply to be a barista and become a part of the amazing Rez community. Check out @thereztagram, and you can see the full Rez menu here.

Rez Menu


Sara Bass