For the past 35 years, Tufts Student Resources has been providing the Tufts community with the goods, services, employment, and business experience all while maintaining its status of being student-run. Advised by a Board of Directors, consisting of representatives from the Dean of Students, Student Activities, Student Employment, and other departments of the University, TSR has established itself as entirely financially independent of the University.

In addition, TSR has become one of the most important organizations on campus. TSR currently encompasses seven divisions declaring annual revenues of over $250,000 while employing over 80 students.

TSR is a semi-autonomous, non-profit, student-run business organization founded in 1981 at Tufts University whose primary goals include:

  • Providing the University community with needed services and goods.
  • Offering employment and work-study opportunities to Tufts University students.
  • Providing a medium in which students can gain business management and entrepreneurial experience without the investment of personal capital.