Appliance Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are between the responsible party (defined below) and Tufts Student Resources (hereinafter, “TSR”)

  1. All Appliances (including but not limited to MicroFridges) rentals must be prepaid. Acceptable forms of payment include MasterCard, Visa or American Express. Checks and JumboCash payments need to be arranged with TSR management prior to reserving an appliance.
  2. At time of purchase, TSR will request credit card information as a security deposit. No additional charges (in addition to appliance rental fee) will be incurred at that time. The credit card will only be charged if any of the terms and conditions below are violated.
  3. All customers requesting units prior to the first day of classes will receive their units by delivery within the first week of classes. Customers who receive late deliveries will be compensated on a prorated, per day basis. Units need to be ready to be picked up during reading period of the second semester of the academic year.
  4. Each MicroFridge will contain 1 ice scraper, 1 or 2 ice trays, 1 revolving plate, and 2 refrigerator shelves. TSR expects that when the unit is delivered, any missing items will be reported to TSR appliance manager. When the unit is returned at the end of the year, the unit will contain all of its original parts. Customers returning MicroFridges that are missing parts and/or accessories will be subject to a replacement fee that can be charged to the customer’s bursar account or the security credit card.
  5. Failure to defrost, clean or comply with delivery and pickup procedures will result in a penalty fee charged to the customer’s bursar account or the security credit card. Failure to clean the unit at the end of the year will result in a $50 cleaning fee.
  6. The individual in whose name the appliance (including but not limited to the MicroFridge) is rented is the party responsible for the unit. While in the customer’s possession, the appliance is the total responsibility of the customer. Any excessive damage to the point that the unit is no longer usable, TSR management deems that the unit needs to be replaced as a result of actions of the responsible party or loss of the unit will result in a charge of the replacement cost of the unit lost or damaged ($550 for a MicroFridge). The customer is responsible for the loss of the unit due to theft, vandalism, or destruction.
  7. If the customer changes dorm rooms, TSR must be notified at least one week prior to the move. Please write to us or call the TSR office during normal business hours at 617-627-3224.
  8. No MicroFridge units may be moved off campus. If the customer moves off campus or leaves school, he/she is responsible for arranging the return of the rental unit to TSR. 
  9. If the customer violates one or more provision of this contract prior to the end of the Tufts academic year, he/she will be charged for the entire term of the contract.
  10. TSR shall have no liability to the customer (or any other party claiming through the customer) for any incidental, indirect, consequential, special, or punitive damages of any kind or nature, whether such liability is asserted on the basis of contract, tort (including negligence or strict liability), or otherwise, whether or not foreseeable, even if such party has been advised of the possibility of such damages. TSR has made no representations or warranties of any nature with respect to any rental unit. In case of any malfunction of a rental unit, TSR’s sole responsibility shall be to replace the unit or to refund a prorated portion of the customer’s rental fee.
  11. Refunds will be given at the discretion of the TSR Executive Team. Returned units for reasons other than a malfunctioning unit, prior to the scheduled pick up times are subject to a $10 pick up fee.
  12. A full refund less a $25 pick-up and delivery fee is given if the unit is returned with in the 1st week of school. A 75% refund less a $25 pick-up and delivery fee will be given after the 1st week and prior to the 4th week. Following the 4th week, all refunds are entirely at the discretion of TSR management.

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