Delivery Notices

We deliver to both on campus and off campus housing!

NOTE: Celebrations orders must be placed 48 hours before the expected delivery date to ensure that the delivery can be made on time. Unfortunately, the local bakery that supplies our cakes, cookies, and pies is not guaranteed nut free, therefore if your student has a serious nut allergy we are not able to accomodate. We apologize for any inconvenience! Thank you!

End-of-Semester Deliveries
Deliveries will stop after finals on May 10th.

Tufts Hillel with Celebrations

For Hillel packages, visit our Hillel page: http://www.tuftsstudentresources.com/shop/hillel

TSR Celebrations is partnering with Tufts Hillel to provide new services. Looking to spend Shabbat at home and need help preparing your dinner? Sign up here for your free Shabbat basket, delivered right to your door, courtesy of Tufts Hillel! Thank you, and Shabbat Shalom!

Product Photos

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Send your friends and loved ones cakes, cookies, balloons, and gifts 7 days a week!

TSR's Celebrations division offers parents and students the opportunity to send a selection of gourmet cakes, cookies, balloons and gift packages to special Tufts students. Your gift will be delivered right to the student's room with a personalized card from you and a smile from our friendly delivery staff.

We offer a variety of cakes, please check under the Birthday Celebrations Basket. Cookies include butter, chocolate chip, sugar, oatmeal and double chocolate chip. Specialty cakes are available. Please e-mail us at celebrations@tuftsstudentresources.com for any questions or more information!


















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Carnation Package

Send some love to your friends on valentine's day! Package includes assorted Valentine's Day candy, a carnation, and a personalized card.

Price: $4.00 add to cart

Lots of Love Package

Looking to send some valentines day cheer to your loved one? This package includes cupcakes, cookies, assorted Valentine's Day candy, and a personalized card.

Price: $30.00 add to cart

Holiday Cookie Package

Want to spread some holiday cheer? Send someone you love a festive holiday cookie package. This assortment of holiday baked goods from Lyndell's in Somerville is sure to brighten your Jumbo's day. Package comes with a personalized card. Sparkling apple cider and candy can be added to the package.

Price: $20 add to cart

Birthday Celebration

Want to light up your Jumbo's day with a basket that says that you are thinking of them on their special day? Then look no further then our Birthday Celebration Package. You can choose to add balloons, cake, cookies, or an apple cider bottle to make your child’s day truly memorable. All packages come with a personalized card. Please note any allergies, however the local bakery we use is not guaranteed nut free. Therefore if your student has a serious nut allergy we are unable to accommodate. *If ordering cake please make sure to look on the left.

Price: $Varies add to cart

Get Well Soon Basket

Someone you know feeling under the weather? We've got everything you need to shake that cold. Includes tissues, soup, hand sanitizer, tea, and cough drops!

Price: $35.00 add to cart

Mini Finals Care Basket

Send the Mini Finals Care Basket to a friend or family Jumbo who needs a little pick-me-up during finals! This basket includes tea, hot cocoa, red bull, granola bars, popcorn, and candy!

Price: $25.00 add to cart

Home Sweet Home Basket

At some point, everyone misses home. Let your Jumbo know you miss them as well! Give them taste of home with a pie, assortment of cookies, and a "Thinking of You" balloon!

Price: $45.00 add to cart

Congratulations Basket

Has your Jumbo accomplished something great that you want to show your congratulations for? That's what you can do with our Congratulations Package! You can congratulate your Jumbo by giving them delectable cupcakes, a "Congrats" mylar balloon, candy, a Congrats plush, and a nice card from home! (Please mark any allergies in the details).

Price: $25.00 add to cart

Snack-Time Basket

Wish you could provide your Jumbo with some healthy snack choices? All those sweets not for your Jumbo? Select this package with fruit crisps, veggie chips, nut-free granola bars, oatmeal, apple sauce, nuts, fruit snacks and a TSR water bottle. Pick from a variety of Mylar balloons to customize this package to the occasion.

Price: $35.00 add to cart

Special Packages: Get a Quote

We do customized packages upon request. If you want to give your Jumbo a different gift, please e-mail celebrations@tuftsstudentresources.com or fill out an order form and we can work with you on a custom package. Nothing will be charged to your account at this point. Remember: If you don't see it, just ask!

Price: $Varies add to cart

Boston Marathon Package

To celebrate the members of our Tufts Marathon Team on their big day, send them a small good luck gift! This care package comes with a water bottle, assorted energy snacks, and a marathon sticker!

Price: $15.00 add to cart

Finals Care Basket

Help your Jumbo de-stress with our Finals Care Basket! This gift includes everything your Jumbo needs from caffeine to sugar boosts, Vitamin-C supplements to snacks! Package has Red Bulls, a stress ball, instant soup, Emergen-C cold remedy, tea, hot cocoa, an assortment of candy bars, energy bars, and a "Good Luck!" balloon.

Price: $45.00 add to cart

Halloween Package

Send someone a Halloween gift package! Includes 20 pieces of candy, a "Happy Halloween" mylar balloon, a personalized card, and many more options!

Price: $15.00 add to cart

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