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Boot Campt with Mira: This heart-pounding boot camp class features a combination of strength training and cardio, including high intensity interval training, body weight exercises, and plyometric (jump) training. Modifications and progressions will be provided to reduce or increase exercise intensity. All levels of experience and ability welcome!

Zumba with Vanessa and Nicole: This class will give you an hour of fun dance moves which will work your whole body and get your heart pumping! With music ranging from pop to hip-hop to Latin, there’s something for everyone. Songs are varied throughout the weeks and may target specific muscle regions. All levels of experience are welcome!

Power Flow with Tala
This class is designed to build strength, integrate breath to movement, and calm the mind. This is an all-levels class, however there will be options within the series for those with more experience to take deeper, more advanced variations of the poses. The flow element of the class helps bring movement into the body and lightness to the mind, and this class will not only give you a great workout but also help you cultivate a sense of mindfulness that you can take with you when you leave your mat.

Level II Yoga with Sophia: This faster paced class will challenge you to control both your breathing and alignment, progressing towards a natural union of breath and movement. You'll work on increasing the difficulty of poses by exploring variations, going even deeper into your practice. Even though this class is geared towards more serious yogis, that doesn't mean we won't have fun! Good music will always be played and laughing at mistakes is encouraged in this supportive environment! Come explore new asanas while enjoying a rigorous Vinyasa flow!

Zumba with Hannah and Juliette: Come kick off your weekend with a high energy Zumba class! With two instructors, this class features all aspects of the Zumba workout style including slow and fast salsa, samba, reggaeton, hip-hop, and so much more. Your whole body will benefit from this hour-long party unlike any workout experience you’ve had before! All experience levels welcome, as we will show the basic steps to each of the dances. So this Thursday skip the gym and come join our party  

Tabata Bootcamp with Kinsey: A fast-paced, sweaty workout that combines high-intensity interval training with barre-inspired exercises to work your whole body. Get ready to have fun and feel the burn!

Pilates with Jonah: Come ready to challenge yourself during an hour of Pilates style toning and conditioning. Pilates is designed to work and improve your whole body giving you better posture, more muscle definition, and a stronger core. All levels are welcome to come and work.

Power Pilates with Flora: This fun and energetic class will tone your entire body with a focus on core strength and balance. Get ready to challenge your abdominal muscles and build flexibility for a one hour workout. Modifications provided for all levels.

Kickboxing and Weights with Flora: This intense and fast-paced class challenges your endurance and strength with intervals of weight-lifting and kickboxing. Get ready to sweat and build muscle for a fun and energetic hour long workout. No weight-lifting or kickboxing experience required.

Ab Attack with Christie: Ab Attack is a fast paced total body Pilates fusion workout. These workouts will target your abs and one other major body part. Almost all of our exercises are high rep, low weight/body weight. Prepare to be challenged! 

Photography by Danai Macridi, ‘11

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