A-la-Carte Dry-Cleaning

Even if you don't purchase a laundry or shirts subscription with TSR, you can still make use of our service by bringing in your dry cleaning items to any of our drop-off locations. Pay by cash, check or credit card on site, and your items will be returned to your door within two business days.

A-la-carte Dry-Cleaning Prices:
Cotton Shirt: $3
Tie: $2
Blazer: $6
2 Piece Suit: $10
3 Piece Suit: $14
Tuxedo: $16

Pants: $5
Shorts: $3

Blouse: $4
Dress: $9
Skirt: $5

Sweater: $5
Fleece Jacket: $8
Light Coat: $9
Heavy Coat: $12

Comforter: $14
Towel: $2


1. Fill out the top and middle sections of a TSR Dry Cleaning/Shirt Service form, making sure your name and address are legible. You keep the yellow copy, but give us the white and pink copies.

2. Sign in on the dry cleaning sign in sheet. Pay for your items in cash, check, or credit card.

3. Your items will be delivered to your door the next day.

Times and Locations

Students can drop off laundry between 11:30am-1:00pm at collection areas in the main lobby of residence halls:

Mondays: Houston and Hodgdon
Tuesdays: Miller and South
Wednesdays: Carmichael and Tilton
Thursdays: Hill and Lewis

Laundry will be returned the evening of the next day at the same hall.

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