Laundry Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are between the laundry contract owner (defined as the student who purchased the laundry service) and Tufts Student Resources (hereinafter, “TSR”)

  1. For each subscription, customers will be given a complimentary laundry bag.  If lost or damaged, the student will be charged a $10 replacement fee.  Laundry must be dropped off to TSR in said laundry bags.  It is the student’s responsibility to clearly mark their name and address on the bag and make sure it remains legible during the year.
  2. It is the customer’s responsibility to bring the laundry to the assigned uphill or downhill drop-off point at the designated times.  If you are unable to do this, a friend may drop it off.  If you neglect to do so, you forfeit that week’s service.  TSR is not obligated to arrange for outside pick-up of laundry bags.
  3. TSR Laundry Service will do its best to have laundry delivered the evening following drop-off; however, TSR has 48 hours to return the laundry to customers before it is considered a lost item. Delivery of the laundry bag or dry cleaning is constituted by TSR staff leaving the bag outside of the designated dorm room. The TSR Laundry contract owner need not be present to receive the laundry but once a bag has left our hands, the TSR Laundry contract owner implicitly accepts responsibility to ensure that clothing is brought into their room or taken by a friend if they are not available. TSR is not responsible for any claim which is determined to be the result of stolen laundry after delivery has been made.
  4. If the customer believes clothing is missing, it is their responsibility to contact TSR as soon as possible. Contacting us constitutes at least one phone call to the TSR office during normal business hours and one email. It is more likely that clothes will be found if notification is prompt. We reserve the right to search for two weeks to locate any lost clothing before clause (5) regarding lost laundry is considered.
  5. TSR Laundry will not be responsible for lost or damaged clothing over the amount of $250 for any one week’s drop-off.  Any loss claimed over this amount is the liability of the TSR Laundry contract owner and will not be reimbursed.  The value of the clothing will be determined by its value at the time of replacement, not at the time of purchase subject to industry standard depreciation scheduling.
  6. If the customer believes clothing is damaged, it is their responsibility to contact TSR as soon as possible, and to return the damaged item to TSR so that it can be inspected by the cleaner.  Neither TSR nor the cleaner are responsible for “dry clean only” items damaged in the wash. In addition, shrinking and normal color fading are not acceptable forms of damage and not additional compensation will be given for those cases.
  7. The TSR Laundry contract owner is responsible for signing his/her laundry on the sign-in sheet at drop-off, thereby initiating rights for compensation.  This is the ONLY manner in which we can track submitted bags and dry cleaning.  TSR Laundry contract owners who fail to sign in their laundry will be considered as to have not handed their clothing to TSR.  The above clause (4) is hereby invalid if an improper drop-off is made.

The policy for refunds on TSR Laundry service is as follows:

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