Weekly Laundry Service Details

Service Description
A light, regular or heavy weekly laundry service subscription provides you with a convenient and professional alternative to having to deal with the chore of laundry on your own. Just drop-off your laundry bag (supplied by us) every week at the specified time and convenient location. We deliver your laundry the next day, right to your door! Our service includes 14 weeks of wash, fold and dry each semester, and a durable, nylon, drawstring laundry bag.

For many students, washing, drying, and folding is a huge hassle. Laundry rooms are crowded and disorganized. Don't let laundry take over your life; let us do the dirty work! No additional charge for processing or delivery!


  1. Drop your laundry bag off at the designated location and time and get a receipt from one of our employees.

  2. Sit back and relax. Your laundry will be delivered to your door between 6-9pm following the night after drop-off.

Drop-Off Times and Locations, & Delivery Times

Students can drop off laundry between 11:50am-1:15pm at collection areas in the main lobby of residence halls:

Mondays: Houston and Hodgdon
Tuesdays: Miller and South
Wednesdays: Carmichael and Tilton
Thursdays: Hill and Lewis

Laundry will be returned the evening of the next day at the same hall.

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